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Supplier Intelligence

Impact: Supplier intelligence & £30 million costs saving

Market Intelligence

Impact: £45 million savings in 18 months and supply chain efficiencies

We created a data-driven, machine learning-powered market forecasting tool that helped analysts better understand future trends in engine servicing demand following Covid-19. The platform can be adapted to drive efficiencies and savings through improved supply chain, workforce, inventory and strategic planning in many sectors.

“It is important not only to chase after technological possibilities of what we can do, but also consider from the beginning what the possible social impact of these technologies could be, to set ourselves up with the ethical framework to understand how our technologies impact our communities"

Caroline Gorski, Chief Executive Officer

R2 Factory 


Case Studies

Data powered solutions for your biggest challenges.

Maintenance, Repair & Reuse

Impact: £10.5 million worth of parts re-used

The maintenance and repair of complex machinery is expensive! As is stock management. Advanced digitisation can bring substantial cost savings. We used data mining and computer vision techniques, to find out which of 125,000 used engine parts held in storage should be prioritised for repairs. Our approach could cut costs in other sectors, by helping companies quickly analyse information on large inventories of stored items or stock.

Safety-critical Life Cycle analysis

Impact: £6 million saving in service maintenance costs

Our data scientists developed an engine that automatically flags significant changes in charges for the maintenance and repairs of aircraft engines and parts. Beyond aviation, it could be adapted as a tool for managers to predict and control the servicing costs of other complex machines.

Choosing the right suppliers is vital for most businesses. It can also be complex, time-consuming, and expensive. BidCoiN is helping buying teams work together to reduce procurement costs by finding the best available suppliers. BidCoiN gives them visual representations of bids, so they can be compared with each other or against their key targets, and easily broken down by selected parameters.